Studio 78: Liftoff! A new site and an accessible direction

New website launch

We’ve been working hard the last year to launch new and exciting initiatives for Studio 78, one of which is a brand new website! If you haven’t already seen it, go check it out:

Some of the features you can now see on our website are:

Responsive Layout

Google and other major search engines no longer give priority to websites that are not responsive. While we’ve been encouraging our clients to redesign for some time, we finally added ourselves to the list of responsive websites. Now you can easily view our website on any device!

Content oriented for SEO and marketing

Less is more, and our team wrote, revised, edited, and produced what we feel is great content that is organic enough for both our market and Search Engine Optimization. Now that the site is live, we’ll keep tweaking and adding and adjusting as we see how our analytics change—this is the beauty of developing content for web!


What is a design agency without a portfolio? Easy to find and easy to navigate, we’re proud to show off our clients and the work we have done with them. Keep coming back to our portfolio page as we plan to add case studies and more websites that are currently in development.


Website accessibility is part of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it applies to technology and the web. The team here at Studio 78 has been researching, educating, and finding ways to implement accessibility to all our client websites, our own included, and that has brought us to an exciting new direction.

An Accessible Direction

A recent US Census states that 1 in 5 Americans have an ADA-classified disability. That means 1 in 5 people coming to your website need it to function in a way that allows them to actually use it. Website accessibility has become a prevalent topic in nearly every industry in the last few years, and unfortunately there is a lot of conflicting and incorrect information about how a business can make its website ADA compliant.

Since many of our clients are affected by enforceable guidelines regarding website accessibility, we knew we would have to do a lot of research and training to become knowledgeable in the best way to approach compliance. Could we use scanning tools? Who is responsible for monitoring updates? What changes in technology could affect accessibility? The more we learned, the more we realized we would need to team up with a third party expert in order to truly provide accessible websites for our clients.

Enter Accessible360. We are excited to work with a company that is local (based in Minneapolis, MN), mission-driven, technology-focused, and expert in their field of accessibility. We reached out and began the process of forming a relationship with A360 and their response was enthusiastic. A360 is able to provide us with live-person audits of a website, remediation reports, training, compliance assurance, and ongoing accessibility monitoring, while we do what we always have done best: quality design, security, custom websites, maintenance, and now accessible design and development!

We had our first Lunch & Learn webinar with A360 on August 29th, available exclusively at the time to our banking clients. Several banks are now moving forward in accessibility with Studio 78 and A360 to help, and soon we will be releasing the recorded webinar to the general public.

Looking Forward

A lot of good changes have occurred for us this year—things we know are building a bright future for us, our clients, and their customers. We’re excited to have you on this journey, and as we continue to move forward you can expect us to reach out and invite you to move forward with us.

Let’s go platinum!

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